This project examines how global development and humanitarian campaigns, appeals, and conversations play on social media, and seeks to extract patterns, insights, and intelligence. It explores the various elements of the social media ecosystem within the context of international development. The project examines a set of global online campaigns launched by international development and humanitarian agencies, such as the UN system and international NGOs, to publicize their activities and to build support.

Using the research approach described here, the project seeks to answer a number of questions including whether development and humanitarian issues receive steady or transient attention on Twitter and if campaign-driven peaks maintain momentum, if users participating in a conversation or a campaign attempt to counter the narrative by introducing counter-hashtags, who the users perceive as stakeholders by engagement them using mentions, the web resources consulted by the participating accounts, and the geographical distribution of posts.

Global campaigns, appeals, and conversations
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Human rights

Gender-based violance

Reproductive health

Public health

Vaccination and anti vaccination


Climate change